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Riesling is a grape variety used to make white wines. It is one of the best varieties to brew white wines. The Rieslings, which are grown in the cold regions, have a better performance.Germany is the main area to cultivate Riesling.

Because of the late maturity , Riesling has a higher requirement for the field of growth. Only the steep slopes in the south or southeast of the valley, which have better conditions of heat preservation, can provide an ideal condition for the growth of the Riesling. For example, in the valleys of Rhine and Mosel. In these areas, Rieslings are grown on steep slopes. Farming by hand, picking by hand are the only feasible ways for cultivation.





The Riesling of Mosel′s Valley contains abundant mineral taste, The dry white Rieslings of Pfalz and Baden have a heavier body and less acidity. In the young time, Riesling displays rich fruity tastes, such as grapefruit, lemons, apples, pears, peaches, passion fruit. With the maturity of wine body, the fruity tastes become less and the taste of minerals will increase.

Riesling is also suitable for the production of advanced sweet white wine. The best sweet white Wine can be Ice wine, or Ice wines, which are formed by the infection of botrytis cinereas. In the two cases, the wines all have showed the scent of honey. Riesling sweet white wines, especially Trockenbeerenauslese are extremely scarce, The prices are extremely high.

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