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Residual sugarunfermented sugarless than9 g/lthe content of acidity is maximal less than the content of residual sugar within2 g/l. The residual sugar of classic dry wine is less than4 g/l.



Half dry

The residual sugar (unfermented sugar) is between9 g/l and18 g/l. The content of residual sugar is maximal10 g/l more than the content of acidity.


Lieblich Halbsüß

Half sweet

The residual sugar (unfermented sugar) is between18 g/l and45 g/l




The residual sugar (unfermented sugar) is more than45 g/l


The 8 magic wines, which the German Wine Alliance launches, come from 7 wine-making regions ofGermany. These wines are brewed with the most representative varieties of each region. Meanwhile, each wine has a rich flavor, from sweet white, half sweet, half dry to white dry, red dry, no other wines have the same taste. Each wine is unique. Thus the different tastes of customers are considered.

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